hela® medical menu of services


100% customized for your skin type goals. all facials include face, neck and chest. complimentary consultation with service


cleanse, exfoliate, steam, extract, massage, hydrate




all natural products + the Standard ideal for the tree hugger in you




IPL + the Standard

the fountain of youth

350 | IPL only 300



more hydration + the Standard

added boost of moisture perfect for dry or winter skin




the Standard

customized for men




clean + clear results with exfoliation,
extractions and purification


microdermabrasion + the Standard crystal tip magic, polish deep down

220 | micro only 170



micro-glyco + the Standard

deep and wide to cover all your bases




glycolic peel + the Standard

turnover skin cells, bring out your glow




microneedling + LED light 





light abrasion to improve skin condition



rapidly + safely resurface skin, reduce fine lines + wrinkles, smooth + soften, promote cellular renewal




vitamin c + the Standard

brighten + firm for your best glow




LED light + the Standard

ideal to treat acne or winter blues

180 | LED only 100


the Standard + extra extractions




eye mask + the Standard

an eye opening experience




the Standard

customized for pre-teens and teens



the Standard, no extractions


$40 add ons: AHA hand peel | eye mask | brow tint | lash tint 


fruit enzyme peel: zero downtime perfect with the Standard




alpha and beta hydroxy acids and retinoic acids: treats mild to moderate skin imperfections/acne, helps reduce fine lines, pore size, pigmentation, evens skin tone


mildest peel: no downtime, only glow time promotes cell turnover to treat your skin

face 140 | back 200



alpha and beta hydroxy acids and retinoic acids: treats moderate to severe skin imperfections/acne, helps reduce fine lines, pore size, pigmentation, evens skin tone




latisse: grow your own lashes 180

lash tinting 40

brow tinting 40

archery club | unlimited tinting 2,500/yr

Body contouring with Ultrashape power and velashape III




eradicates stubborn fat without pain. FDA approved and clinically proven. starting at 750




non-invasive contouring treatment for circumferential and cellulite reduction. starting at 175



smooth + prevent wrinkles, jawline slimming, reduce underarm perspiration 15/unit


lift brows with botox or xeomin using this advanced injector technique 300/flat



allow your own natural lip to be more pronounced with botox or xeomin 200/flat



lessen the appearance of large upper teeth and gums with botox or xeomin 200/flat



lift + contour cheeks, define chin + jawline 1,000/syringe 



long-lasting improvement for under-eye hollowness 750/syringe

plump lips 650/syringe



smooth lips, soften appearance of fine lines 500/syringe



plump lips for a longer lasting put 900/syringe



reduce the appearance of dark circles



dissolve stubborn fat in targeted areas 650/vial



increase energy, metabolism, brain function 40



for cystic acne 40

Hair Rejuvenation


reverses hair loss with PRP injections | starting at 600, series of 4 treatments 2,000

skin resurfacing lasers

facial rejuvenation | hand rejuvenation | spot treatments | correct vaginal atrophy

using fractional CO2, erbium, KTP aura, NdYag


promotes collagen, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, smoothes skin.


treats acne scars, stretch marks, broken capillaries and more.


book consult today! pricing depends on laser and area


stimulates collagen with hyaluronic or PRP. full face starting at 350 popular skin resurfacing procedure to smooth, refine complexion with minimal downtime. treats acne scars, fine lines, stretch marks, sagging skin and brightens complexion.

IPL: intensed pulsed light "photo facial"

physician recommended for prevention and treatment of wrinkles, sunspots and roseacea 'a must 4 times a year '   full face 300 | spot treatment starting at 100

led therapy

light therapy for acne and winter blues | stand alone or add on 100

laser hair removal

say goodbye to your razor, ingrown hairs and waxing over fifteen years of expertise with the gold standard of lasers for all skin types pricing depends on area


functional nutrition

personalized approach to nutrition and medicine using a science-based approach Nutrition Foundation Package 700


a full nutritional assessment including lab blood draw, micronutrient test and one session with our dietician.

Body Massage


special massage according to your specifications goals



swedish method of digging deep


special pressure on muscles and ligaments for the athlete in you

before or after giving birth, gentle relief from stressors caused by pregnancy, with essential oils to calm


special focus on lymphatic system


warmed, oiled lava rocks used for pressure allowing deep heat into muscles


50 minute massage 150 | 80 minute massage 180

IV therapy

rehydrate and rejuvenate your body with intravenous (IV) drips delivering vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly to the body for maximum absorption




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