11 Uses for Botox: Fighting Wrinkles, Sweat and Opioid Addiction​

With all the headlines Botox is making lately for new uses, we felt it was time for a roundup. Here’s a rundown of all it can do, from smoothing away wrinkles, to helping fight opioid addiction. Check it out: 1. Fix your frown lines.Or “11’s,” the vertical lines between your eyebrows. Botox is also great for crow’s feet, those crinkly lines around the eyes that you get when you smile (and as you get older, they’re often there even when you’re not smiling). And surprise! You might have thought Botox was already approved for forehead wrinkles, but it just got the FDA’s thumbs-up this year, so we can all leave the furrowed brow beyond. 2. Non-surgical forehead lift.One of the newest off-label uses for Botox is a non-surgical forehead lift. A doctor in Israel recently published a study on how botulinum injections to the hairline can lengthen the forehead. Although it’s not permanent, the procedure offers an alternative to surgery. 3. Soften a harsh jawline.Botox is also used off-label by doctors to soften the jawline and reduce vertical neck bands. 4. Alleviate depression and social anxiety.Botox may be able to help with depression and social anxiety. How? Researchers are finding that the nerves between the brows can also stimulate parts of the brain overactive in depression, and that Botox can relax those muscles. 5. Lessen severe underarm sweating.Or hyperhidrosis, is an FDA-approved use of Botox. But did you know it can also be used for a sweaty scalp? Injecting Botox into the scalp, dubbed “Blowtox,” can extend your blowout, even through that next SoulCycle class. 6. Ease chronic migraines.Botox is approved for chronic migraines in adults who have 15 or more headache days per month. New research suggests it may also help with kids and teens. Researchers at the University of California recently presented results of a pilot study, according to this report in Time. 7. Treat acne.Can Botox help with acne? Dr. Anil Shah, a Chicago facial plastic surgeon, has published the first study on using Botox to treat acne. 8. Stop jaw clenching and teeth grinding.Are you a chronic jaw clencher or tooth grinder? Dentists call that “bruxing,” and it’s really bad for your teeth. Another benefit of injecting Botox into the muscle is that it stops the clenching and grinding. For more info, read this Q&A with doctors on RealSelf. 9. Relax an overactive bladder.Below the neckline, Botox is also FDA-approved for treating overactive bladder. Botox injections cause the bladder to relax, reducing urinary incontinence, according to this consumer update from the FDA. 10. Rejuvenate “down there.”Another below-the-belt use is for men only. Gents concerned about the appearance of their scrotum can get an off-label treatment called “Scrotox.” Yes, it’s what it sounds like. Dr. John Mesa, a New York City plastic surgeon, is one doctor on RealSelf who offers this treatment. If you can’t wait to learn more, you can read this review by a person on RealSelf . 11. Relieve pain without opioids.You might be thinking, “Can’t get any stranger than that,” but the next thing this superdrug does might be … solving the opioid epidemic? Scientists at biotech firm Bonti are testing a pain-relieving neurotoxin similar to Botox as an alternative to opioid pain medications, according to this report from Quartz Media. Book your appointment at Hela Medical Spa today! Email [email protected] or call us at 202-333-4445.   Source: https://blog.realself.com/2017/12/01/11-uses-for-botox/?utm_source=social&utm_medium=instagram_stories ​

5 myths about lip fillers busted​

Kylie Jenner’s latest is just another reminder that the quest for the perfect pout shows no signs of fading soon. In fact, continue to be one of the most popular, socially acceptable cosmetic treatments out there. Going to your injector is almost like getting your hair colored or lashes lengthened. “Lip plumping procedures have been on the rise because of the increasing popularity of fuller lips on celebrities and the fact that the treatment is minimally invasive in comparison to more serious surgical procedures,” said , a registered nurse injector in West Hollywood, California. Sure, lip fillers are headline makers, but along with increased exposure comes some horror stories. Don’t be fooled. Here we debunk the top five myths about the treatment.

The Best Face Serums That Will Banish Fine Lines and Wrinkles​

We can’t completely stop wrinkles and fine lines in their tracks, but with the help of face serums we can definitely slow down their advances. Lightweight and potent, serums contain a high concentration of targeted active ingredients formulated for a specific purpose, says facial plastic surgeon Kay Durairaj, M.D., F.A.C.S. “It’s great for anyone who wants a quick and easy product that absorbs quickly into the skin, has a high concentration of ingredients and is non-greasy,” adds Dr. Durairaj.

Everything You Need to Know About Xeomin, the Botox Alternative​

We've all heard the rumor circulating that, when injected enough times with Botox, your body has the ability to become immune to the toxin, rendering its muscle-freezing abilities useless. When your go-to treatment has started to lose its magic touch, rest assured that you have another option in Xeomin. Though we've only just heard about Xeomin, the treatment has been around in the dermatology and medi-spa worlds for years, and patients who have tried it claim it's so similar to Botox, they can't tell the difference in the end result. "We've been using Xeomin in our practice for around 3 years now, but when it was initially coming to market, it was a bit slower to launch with Botox and Dysport as its competitors," explains San Antonio-based dermatologist Dr. Vivian Bucay. "I offer all three because it's our job as dermatologists to be familiar with the alternatives out there, so we can determine which is the best option for specific patients." We asked Dr. Bucay to give us all the details on how the treatment works, who is the best candidate, and what differs between this formula and its injectable counterparts. Read on for your crash course in the treatment, either if you're considering it, or for the sake of pure curiosity.


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