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  • smooth and prevent wrinkles
  • erase neck lines
  • jawline slimming, masseter reduction
  • stop underarm sweating, hyperhydrosis
  • tmj relief
  • headache relief
  • foot pain relief from high heel stiletto shoes

Advanced Botox Techniques

  • brow lift - 300/flat
  • lip flip - 200/flat
  • gummy smile reduction - 200/flat

Xeomin - 15/UNIT the gluten-free, preservative-free alternative to botox

Click here for more info.


Voluma - 1000/UNIT lift + contour cheeks, define chin and jawline


Volbella (.55mL) - 500/syringe

smooth lips, soften appearance of fine lines

Volbella (1mL) - 900/syringe

plump lips with a longer lasting pout


Kybella - 650/vial

dissolve double chin

Vitamin b12

Vitamin b12 - 40

increase energy, metabolism, brain function. The perfect monthly boost! Want to know your exact vitamin levels? Click here to see our nutrition service which includes micronutrient lab test!

Cortisone Shot

Cortisone shot - 40

for cystic acne
dermatological prescription included


Vollure - 750/syringe

long-lasting improvement of under-eye hollowness


Juvederm Ultra Plus - 650/syringe

plump lips

Juvederm Ultra Plus - 750

help reduce the appearance of dark circles