We offer both ablative and non-ablative laser treatment options. We use a hybrid of lasers (fractional CO2, erbium, KTP/Aura, NdYag) to customize a treatment just for your skin goals. Resurfacing lasers promote collagen, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, smoothes skin, treats acne scars, stretch marks and more.

We offer a variety of rejuvenation packages for full face, hands, and vaginal atrophy correction.


LASER SKIN RESURFACING This treatment targets both the epidermis and the dermis, for full facial resurfacing. It helps treat fine and deep lines, freckles, sunspots, broken capilaries, redness from blood vessels, acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks, melasma, and dark circles under the eyes. It also builds collagen, which continues to form for up to 18 months following your treatment. Also treats hollowness under the eyes with stimulation of collagen formation from heat.

DOWNTIME? 3 + Days. On the third day, there should be peeling of the skin.

HOW OFTEN? Maintenance is 2 treatments a year (or every 6 months) and treatment is usually 3-5 treatments spaced one month apart. Studies have been done with fractional being done 2 weeks apart so it depends on how aggressive the patient wants to treat her or his issue and our assessment on whether her or his skin heals quickly and well.


MICRO LASER PEEL is a lighter resurfacing treatment that targets the epidermis only. It helps treat fine lines, retexturing, and skin dullness, while also aiding in collagen production.

DOWNTIME? 3 days. There may be peeling/there may not be.

HOW OFTEN? Maintenance is 4 treatments a year (or every 3 months) and treatment is usually 3-5 treatments spaced one month apart. For more agressive treatment you can do a treatment once a month.


Be sure to ask about our combo package deals. When lasers are combined into a hybrid plan with microneedling and IPL, results are absolutely amazing! During your consult, we will create the best plan to achieve your skin goals!


Q: What is the difference bewteen the CO2 fractional treatment and the Erbium Micro Laser Peel?

A: The best short explanation is the Erbium treats the entire top superficial layer of epidermis and the Fractional CO2 treats deeper but spaced out and only a fraction. They are the gold standard when combined and synergy is attained! One plus one is better then the two separately. One plus one is three in a sense.


SPOT TREATMENTS. The KTP Aura laser dramatically eliminates small red veins on the face, neck and chest without any down time. This laser is ideal for visible vessels. Treats browns (freckles, sun spots, senile warts) and reds (capillaries).

DOWNTIME? The browns should scab off in 3-5 days, and the reds (capillaries) should look just pink instead of distinct capillaries under the skin

HOW OFTEN? Patients may need to come back for more treatments in order to get rid of all the pigment(s).

Pricing: 400 for full face and 300 for partial face/spot treatments. Packages are available to provide a discount on 6 month interval maintenance treatments.


This treatment is doctor recommended for prevention and treatment of wrinkles, sunspots, freckles and rosacea and best when used 4 times a year for full face. Purchase a single treatment or series. Pricing based on area. For full face single treatment 300. Series (of 4) 1000. Call or email for pricing on other areas.

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Be sure to read this White Paper below:



LED therapy sends light waves deep into the skin to trigger natural intracellular reactions. Each infrared light targets specific areas and skin concerns. The red ifrared lights are used for fine lines and wrinkles, while the blue infrared lights are used to improve acne and prevent breakouts by killing bacteria.

Radiate Facial (Standard Facial with LED Treatment): 180

LED Treatment (stand alone or add on): 100 (30 minutes) Feel free to combine the LED Treatment with another service or book as a stand alone treatment!


Say goodbye to your razor, ingrown hairs and waxing! Over fifteen years of expertise with the gold standard of lasers for all skin types! Book your consultation today!

Pricing varies dependent on area treated. We offer single treatments or save 10% if you pre-purchase a series of 5 treatments. When you purchase a series, you get touch-up treatments for 1/2 off the regular single treamtent.

All men: LHR on your neck is an absolute must!

All ladies: Brazailian is a must year-round! Don't wait any longer! Get bikini-ready now with LHR!

Here are a few additional things to keep in mind when booking a laser hair removal (LHR) treatment:

Before booking your first session, please let us know the answers to the following questions. This will help us determine which type of laser we should use for you for best results with your skin type.

1) What is your skintone/ethnicity? 2) After exposure to the sun, do you a) always burn, never tan b) always burn, sometimes tan c) sometimes burn, sometimes tan d) always tan, never burn?

We recommend that you NOT wax, pluck or tweeze the area being treated for at least 4 weeks prior to the treatment. However, we DO ask that you shave prior to the treatment; this will help make the treatment more comfortable, so that we can target the hair at the follicle level. You also want to make sure that limit and do not have significant sun exposure / sunburn / tanning right a couple weeks before and after treatment. We cannot perform the treatment if you have recently tanned (including spray tan) in the area being treated.

Most people can expect to see about a reduction in hair after each treatment. This is why we recommend the series to everyone.

We practice safety and so we draw a safe line at no LHR during pregnancy and breast feeding.

Pricing varies dependent on area treated.

"Laser hair removal at Hela was life changing. I rarely need to shave now and if I do it is only a few random thin sparse hairs. I save a lot of time and money no longer needing to shave daily. And the best is part is that I always feel confident now!" - S.K.

Hela consultations - we charge 50 for skin resurfacing consultations and 50 for injectables consultations. This fee can be applied towards your first appointment with the provider you consulted with!