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hela® medical testimonials


"The only treatment I've ever done after which my spouse actually commented on my improved appearance. Just give me that skin! 'Referring to hela® Esthetician'. Your forehead glows as though you've eaten nothing but kale when in fact your last dozen meals have been carry-out."

-E. Hazzard, City Paper


"Everything a stressed-out Washingtonian needs. hela® means 'to heal, to make whole' will feel that way after your appointment."

-USA Today


“I have been to spas all over the world and I have never EVER had someone with more skill, more kindness or responsiveness provide this kind of service.”

-Jennifer J.


“I have gone to all the best spas, including in New York City where I lived for ten years. I've gone to famous dermatologists. None of them come close to the facials at hela®.”

-Ellie P.


“This place does not deserve words. Their services speak wonders!”

-Cindy J.


“The waiting area is relaxing and comfortable, the staff attentive and so friendly, and Jennifer was just what I needed today.”

-Melissa T.


“The glycolic peel worked wonders, honestly. I'm going back soon to get another. It definitely improved my skin texture and helped a bit with my dreary winter skin. It was super relaxing just being there with the nice smells, the dim light, and the QUIET.”

-Jessie R.


"Helpful, knowledgable staff, an ideal destination for any spa service."



“hela® is comfortable and very clean, which is usually my number one concern with salons/spas.”

-Jennifer S.


“My skin already looks a ton better. And unlike other places where I leave the spa looking busted, my skin is actually quite glow-y looking.”

-Sarah R.


“This hidden gem definitely allows you to feel like a celebrity for the day with its almost hidden entrance.”

-Emily M.


“Best spa for facials and peels in DC.”

-Laura G.


"As far as facials go, hela® is the best in DC, hands down. I've been to every other major spa; nothing compares. I've seen three different people at hela® for facials over the years, and all have been consistently wonderful and skilled.”

-Laura S.


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