Hela® Medical Spa is an urban hideaway located in the heart of historic Georgetown, Washington D.C.  We combine customized medical aesthetics and indulgence for overworked cosmopolitans (like you) who want reprieve and results. Since launching in 2004, our Georgetown location has become the premier medical spa in the city.

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The Swedish meaning of Hela’s name recognizes that a radiant appearance is much more than skin deep. Our personalized, results-driven, in-depth approach to all our services sets the tone for all we do. Environmental and psychological injury take visible tolls on our bodies and faces. However, thanks to scientific advances much of this damage can be overcome.  So whether you want to clear acne, minimize or prevent wrinkles, or just glow a more resplendent you, Hela’s personalized skincare regimens and expert interventions (through lasers and injectables), will restore your natural beauty.

We delight in fostering your total health through science and common sense. Because your appearance requires more than just extractions, effective creams, and pit-stop massages, it requires commitment and artistry.  At Hela, results matter, and your satisfaction is our number one goal.